to my teacher

you are my teacher, how can I not love you? you are a window to myself. when I react to the distance you keep from me, your secretiveness, your distress, I ask myself: how do I keep distance in relationships? what about my secrets? in what ways do I distress myself?

thank you for the opportunity to look at myself. I do not always enjoy it. Sometimes it is ugly and painful, and I cry. I remember the great Thich Nhat Hanh, who reminds us how to remain thankful for the lessons in our lives: cultivate gratitude by appreciating something you might not otherwise count as a blessing.

peace, friends.

how to be still. part 2


cultivate stillness throughout the day.

1. be aware of the chatter in your brain. make friends with it. do not try to banish it, rather accept that it is there.

2. the mental chatter will cease when you turn your focus to the breath and the body.

3. do not multi-task. science has shown that our brains like doing one thing at a time.

4. perform your daily duties as meditation, paying full attention to your driving, your work tasks, household chores.

5. do not rush. put space, however small, between actions.

When your mind becomes still, your intelligence explodes.    – Sadhguru

how to be still. part 1


1. stop. right now. for 10 seconds.

2. breathe.

3. let your breath travel to all parts of your body.

4. release your shoulders.

5. relax your mouth and jaw.

6. repeat.

peace, friends


how to be at peace

1. love yourself. really. until you cultivate a gentleness and a loving attitude toward yourself, you will not be able to love another fully. love begins at home.


2. accept what is. traffic. rudeness. your partner’s anger. it is what it is. this does not mean it cannot change, but you reacting to what is, does not change it. only makes you sad, frustrated, angry, etc.


3. pray for, or send loving kindness to the difficult people in your life.


4. regard your faults as precious lessons. treat everyone as if they are your teacher, for what you see in others is a projection of yourself. these are opportunities to learn.


5. forgive your unproductive behaviors, not yourself. you are already perfect. it is the behaviors that sometimes don’t work.


6. give peace, however small, to others. a smile, a softened attitude, a prayer.


sending peace, my friends.