Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

This week I’m giving thanks for cloudy days and days of brilliant sunshine. for the pain of suffering that I may know the joy of life. yin and yang. for the love I give and love I receive. for darkness that brings the dawn. for the wonder of children. for running. for yoga. for dogs. for chocolate. for family and friends. for silence. for the freedom that comes from accepting myself and the world just the way it is in this moment.

thanksgiving blessings, friends.
thank you


Love is a choice

for the past week, I’ve been thinking about love. I wanted to write something profound and meaningful about this vital state of being. every single human being wants to love and be loved. it is essential to our existence. and yet, I was having trouble putting words to my jumbled thoughts.

and then it came to me. more than the flowery words and inspiring bible verses, after the butterflies and heart throbs, and beyond great sex; love is a decision.

poetry and sex aside, love is work. it is uncomfortable, and intentional. it is the showing up for stuff I didn’t count on. it is my silent presence as one I love struggles. it is doing difficult chores at inconvenient times. it is acceptance of what is. that is love. and I decide every day to hang on to it, to bring it forth, to be present for it.

Just Breathe

We take for granted the breath that flows in and out of our bodies, making it possible for us to stay alive. It happens no matter what. You don’t have to remind yourself to breathe.

Yet, aside from sustaining life, your breath is a pathway to expanding your experience right now. Notice, as you read this, where is your breath? Is it in your chest? Your breath, not fully used can hold you back from your full range of experience.

Take a moment, now, and take a full, deep breath that extends into your diaphragm and belly. By changing your awareness about your breath, a fuller range of emotion and experience becomes possible. A shortened breath contributes to higher stress and more anxiety.

Take time each day, to expand your awareness about your breath and notice what happens with your body. Breathing fully, into your chest and down into your belly, sends oxygen into your blood and a message to your brain to become more calm and relaxed.

Peace, friends.