About Me


HSProfHere is a bit about me; the path I took to be here now, doing counseling and working with other human beings. In the early 2000s, my family and I experienced some traumatic life events. We were able to recover under the guidance of some wonderful therapists. As a result, I decided to make a career change. I left my job as the practice administrator of my husband’s medical practice and obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Texas A&M International University. I am currently pursuing a PhD at St. Mary’s University, and have recently completed advanced Gestalt training at the prestigious Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. I am also certified as a Mediator in the State of Texas and a provider for New Ways 4 Families, a court-ordered counseling program for high conflict divorces.

My skill as a therapist comes from my experience of living on this earth and from working with a great variety of  individuals, each of whom brings unique challenges and opportunities for growth. I have facilitated groups for impoverished women in South Texas and at-risk teens at Job Corps of America. A doctoral internship at Christus Hospice gave me invaluable education for being with dying patients and their families. These experiences inspire me to support those I am privileged to work with on their journey toward healthy changes.

Although my experience is broad, and I have encountered many different individuals, my specialty is working with families going through divorce. I work with parents (one or both) and provide them with the latest research on the effects of divorce on children. I can help parents sort out their own confusing emotions and reactions during this turbulent time and also inform them of ways to preserve their child’s (or children’s) emotional wellbeing.


http://therapyplease.com/?p=7If you choose to pursue therapy with me, this is what you can expect:

My therapy style can be characterized by my belief that change comes from within, and is generated by an authentic and compassionate relationship between the therapist and the client (you and I).

This means that I approach each client with the utmost acceptance, and without expectation that I will make you change.

Change happens when you tap into your self-awareness and make new choices about how to best live your time on this earth.

I meet you where you are on your path without diagnosing a pathology or creating a ‘course of treatment.’ I am not an allopathic doctor who expects to cure you.

You are wonderful just as you are.

My goal is to help you reach the full expression of your authentic self.

I am a dog-loving, street-running, chocolate-eating woman, simply impassioned about my work. People are amazingly complicated, simple, wonderful, messy beings, and I appreciate the gifts each and every one of us have to offer the world. Sometimes finding and acknowledging these gifts is challenging. This is where I come in.

Call me for a free, 20-minute consultation at 512-593-0583 or send me an email at melaniesomerville.atx@gmail.com