Counseling Services

I offer counseling services to adults, teens, and couples.  I specialize in divorce, whether it is a mid-life divorce after a longterm marriage, or divorcing parents with school-age kids.  Divorce at any age requires an understanding of how divorce affects the individual and the family. I can help the adults as well as the children in divorcing families.

Divorce does not just happen to one person.  It is a family transition that affects children, young or grown, extended family, friendships, and professional lives.  It is a huge disruption in this path we call life. I  have the knowledge and experience to walk with you through the transition. What that walk looks like, depends on your needs and desires for counseling or coaching.

Furthermore, I am a New Ways 4 Families provider, a counseling program sometimes ordered by family court judges or attorneys. The counseling sessions in this program are designed to help divorcing parents manage conflict and schedule shared parenting.

Another specialty of mine, to which I am particularly dedicated, is providing counseling for adolescents. Early in my counseling career I worked extensively with at-risk teens in Laredo, Texas.  I found this experience immensely rewarding and still hold a special place in my heart for the wisdom, promise and potential of the teen years! Adolescents are poised at the edge of adulthood and are faced with ever-mounting changes in our faced paced, digitized world. I offer the opportunity to slow down, get to know themselves and find unconditional acceptance.

I see clients in Lakeway, and in Austin, Texas.  Appointments are scheduled dependent upon client needs and current availability.  I do offer evening and weekend sessions. Please see below for information about payment structure.

Payment structure:   

Please do not let your inability to afford this fee schedule prevent you from reaching out to me for counseling.  I make every effort to accommodate differing income levels.

Initial evaluation – $175

The first counseling visit typically lasts a bit longer than subsequent visits, as this is the time to go over any questions not answered in my website or via our phone conversation, clarify policies, to thoroughly explore the direction in which you want to work, and to get to know each other a little more. I allow up to 75 minutes for the first visit.

Subsequent sessions – $150 – 60 minutes

Check or cash preferred. 

Phone consults (with client or members of client’s family outside of regular sessions, with client approval) – $25 per 15 minutes

To protect my clients’ confidentiality, consults with anyone other than the client will require written permission from the client.

Written reports (outside of weekly counseling notes) to summarize treatment and/or make recommendations – $75/hour, minimum 1 hour.

Cancellation Policy

Busy, over-scheduled lives are the new norm these days. The many demands made on our time means that sometimes you might have to cancel your counseling appointment. If you call at least 24 hours ahead of when you know you have a schedule conflict, I will do my utmost to accommodate your needs, and you won’t incur extra fees. Time is my inventory. When you have reserved an appointment that you change at the last minute, it is lost inventory for me because I cannot use it for someone else. I appreciate your consideration of this when you plan your sessions with me.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your counseling session, you will be charged 1/2 of the session fee.

If you fail to attend your session without letting me know, you will be charged the full amount of the missed session.

Insurance matters

Clients sometimes want to know if I accept payment from their private insurance carrier. I do not. I thought long and hard about this decision, and here are three key reasons why I decided to opt out of participating in health insurance networks:

1. PRIVACY – Most insurance companies will require me to submit a specific diagnosis, obtained through criteria set out in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Version 5, after our initial consultation.

For example: depression, anxiety, personality disorder, conduct disorder.

If I were to assign a specific diagnosis, this label becomes part of your insurance company’s permanent records. Your medical records could be subject to legal subpoena if you were ever involved in legal action of any kind, including divorce, litigation, etc. Many people simply do not want to have this kind of information as part of their medical record.

2. NON-PATHOLOGICAL – My philosophy of counseling has emerged from a strengths-based outlook. We will look at what kind of strengths you have that could be applied to areas you wish to improve. I do not believe in assigning specific disorders or diagnoses. I also believe that assigning a label only reinforces specific attitudes or behaviors that are historically associated with these diagnoses. By removing pre-determined expectations about people, I am better able to meet you exactly where you are and begin to work.

3. QUALITY – The practice by health insurance companies of managing and restricting access to healthcare (including mental health services)  philosophically goes against everything I believe about delivering quality service. Health insurance companies often feel justified in restricting access to, or putting limits on the number of sessions allotted for counseling, disregarding the provider’s professional opinion about the treatment plan. Some even proscribe the type of mental health services to be delivered,  such as evidence-based practices. I do not want to be associated with regulating and limiting healthcare.

Finally, I am a small counseling practice of one person. Insurance reimbursement is a cumbersome, time consuming and often intentionally obscure process. I do not have the time or resources to negotiate this and still provide high quality counseling services to my clients. Furthermore, the greatly reduced fees offered by insurance companies would not cover the cost of hiring someone to do it.

Please call with any additional questions you may have and for a free 20-minute telephone consultation. 512.593.0583.