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You are getting a divorce. You have kids together. Now what? The time period before, during and after divorce can feel like an emotional storm. Many divorcing people struggle to manage wildly fluctuating feelings of anger, helplessness, fear, despair, and hope.

Taking care of yourself and your children during this turbulent time is even more crucial than ever before. Having an awareness of what your children are going through and what they need goes a very long way toward securing their long-term emotional health.

As a divorce coach, I offer calm and compassionate guidance through the divorce transition. An expert on divorce, I provide evidence-based information on how to take care of yourself and your children so that you all remain emotionally healthy.

For example, did you know a school aged child of 6 or 7, sometimes imagines that he or she “caused” your divorce? He may remember his parents being angry at him for leaving his clothes on the floor or forgetting his homework. His brain is not yet equipped to understand that his behavior is separate from you and your spouse’s disagreements. Therefore, young children often report that if they’d only ________ ,  Mommy and Daddy would not be getting a divorce.

Knowing what children need and how they are likely to react to divorce, based on their developmental stage gives you as a parent valuable information about how to talk to, respond to, and take care of your child.

I can also help you learn to deescalate conflict with your ex- and teach you how to use your words wisely, and with civility. You will preserve your own emotional health and provide a model of kindness for your children. This is not easy. Strong emotions can get the best of us in seconds. This is why coaching can be so beneficial.

Coaching sessions take place over the phone (512-593-0583), or with FaceTime, in 30 minute increments. We will work from your agenda on specific goals you’d like to achieve. Additionally, I can provide targeted information for your child’s individual developmental stage. A one time, 30 minute consult is $70. For regularly scheduled sessions, please see the plans offered below.

Coaching plans

3 sessions – 30 minutes each $195

6 sessions – 30 minutes each $380

3 sessions – 60 minutes each $350

6 sessions – 60 minutes each $685

Expirations – 30 minutes sessions are valid for 90 days, and 60 minute sessions are valid for 180 days.

I look forward to guiding you through your divorce process. Please call me at 512-593-0583 to schedule your sessions.




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