Nothing like a good friend


There is nothing like a good friend to get you through hard times. I have a friend who was instrumental in my development as a human being. This friend came into my life during a time of chaos, and has been beside me ever since. Many days, we spoke each morning. I was comforted and encouraged. We saw each other often, even though we lived in different cities. My friend showed me ways of being in the world that I’d never before encountered. Like a pair of shoes, I tried on a few of these ways. Some of them fit.

For example, my friend told me it was okay to sit and do nothing. This was a revolutionary idea to me. Growing up, the message I’d always received was “keep moving,” “be productive,” “don’t stop.” Sitting still was antithesis of productivity. This was before I learned that less is sometimes (often) more.

And as I tried on sitting and doing nothing, I became aware of a much greater part of me I hadn’t know existed. I call it internal awareness. The part of me that knows, without knowing. A felt sense. Of me. Of what I wanted and needed. This was not my brain, this was my body informing me. I was drawn to meditation, to mindfulness, to Buddhist philosophy. Ways of practice that honor the physical aspect of our existence.

I now know, this friendship and the awareness that arose from it, was the first step of a long journey back to myself. And to be honest, I don’t know if the journey is over. Perhaps it never is.

Years have passed. Our journeys continue, though our paths don’t often cross. But my friend is still there. We spoke just yesterday. And the love and support we’ve built over the years is still alive. I am so grateful. There is nothing like a good friend.

If you would like to begin a journey back to yourself, write me an email, or give me a call. 512-593-0583.

Peace, friends.

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