Is anyone else out there feeling sad, angry or overwhelmed by the violence, inhumanity, and partisan politics that are so present in the world today? I know I am. It saddens me that so much hatred and violence are being carried out against our fellow humans. Earlier this week I found myself driving aggressively, impatient with others, and just generally pissed off! One morning it dawned on me that I was feeling powerless against all these bad things that were happening all over the world. The negativity of the disturbed world was dragging me down. What could I do?

I decided to launch what I am calling the Peace Initiative. And I invite you to join me, in whatever capacity you wish. This is how my Peace Initiative works: During my runs, I am running on the left side of the road, into traffic (for all you non-runners, it is safest when running, to face oncoming traffic and see vehicles as they approach). As each car passes me, I bestow a little blessing to the occupant(s). I say, “Peace be with you.” It is not loud, drivers do not hear me, they do not know I am blessing them.

I am the one who benefits, as I feel empowered by spreading peace and love. It is only a small gesture, but I feel better. Perhaps the positive energy I emit will land on someone and make a difference. Is this something you, dear reader, are willing to do? Even if you are not a runner, what other ways might you bless your fellow humans?

How can the Peace Initiative be extended and expanded? Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Tell me how you do it.

Peace be with you.

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