Why worry? Part 1



When I think about worry, I realize two important components; the past and the future. I worry because I might’ve said the wrong thing, or made an incorrect decision, or failed to do something really important. In this worrying moment, the past haunts me. Worry also makes me fearful about the future. Will I make enough money to pay my bills? Will I find love again? Will I ever complete my PhD studies? The future disturbs my present peace of mind.


Does this sound familiar?




When I am present in this moment. I have no worry or fear. Baba Ram Dass reminds us to “be here now.” I have a slender, silver bracelet I wear each day, inscribed with these words.  It reminds me that the present is this moment, and where life is carried out. And in 99% of these moments, I am okay. I can keep doing what I am doing, or decide to do something different. All of my actions contribute to a future I cannot know. It will be here whether I want it to be or not. And then it will be the present. And I will deal with it.

The past is gone. I can do nothing, but learn from it. There is no benefit in worrying what should have or could have or might have been. Think about it. What real good comes from worry?


Peace, friends.


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