April 15, 2021

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How to Start Yoga?

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Yoga is a well-known practice that combines, movement, meditation, and movement. It is a primeval practice in India and that has been spreading to several other countries like the United States and it has been honored for its spiritual and physical benefits. Many individuals know about Yoga but some of them don’t know how to start yoga. If you want to join yoga, you can look for yoga centers near to your place or you can learn simple postures through online.

Yoga helps you manage stress, improve mood, ease anxiety and depression, and improve the quality of sleep. Also, yoga improves coordination and balance, increase flexibility, increase strength, and reduce pain.

Starting your first yoga session may look an astounding task, but it is not that menacing if you know what benefits you can get from yoga. Generally, one yoga session will be around 45mins to 90mins and it starts warm-up with breathing exercises, then the next step is, do some postures and the intensity of each posture depends on different types of yoga classes, and finally, it ends with meditation as a relaxation.

Learn how to breathe

Breathing exercises are the most vital in yoga, particularly when you are holding the postures. You should learn the basic prolonged breathing (Dirga Pranayam) in yoga, in this, you need to breathe in/out through the nose into the abdomen.

Start with a crisp meditation

Sit in any comfortable position or easy pose and take a couple of minutes to settle and focus inwards with meditation. You can also set a purpose, prayer, or goal for your practice before starting meditation.

Use beginning and basic level postures

It is important to understand the GPG (General Practice Guide) lines before learning any yoga postures. First, start with the warm-up series and then try one of the basic yoga posture sequences or the simple poses like forwarding bending, seated twist, down dog, cobra, child, mountain, etc. In the Yoga Pose segment, you can find other yoga postures to practice.

Which yoga is best for beginners?

Hot Power Yoga is the best yoga type for beginners and it is great for people who want to lose weight. It is one of the intense forms of yoga that help you reach your goals quickly. The type of yoga called Hot Power Yoga or Hot Vinyasa Yoga, or simply Power Yoga. No matter what it is called, it is a perfect option to lose weight as it makes you sweat a lot as the postures are performed in a heated room. The intensity generally differs from class to class, but the room is always heated up through infrared heat.


Many people have this question in their mind that “How can I start doing yoga at home?” Well, the big difference between practicing yoga at yoga center or home is that there will be no one to guide you at home whereas at the center you will have yoga instructors who can help you do the postures perfectly. Doing Yoga at home can be challenging, especially if you are new to yoga practice, but if you are a beginner and join in some yoga center, then you can find yoga practice interesting as you will get help from the instructor. The best thing to do is to go to yoga classes for some time and then start your yoga practice at home.

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