April 16, 2021

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The Best Yoga Asanas to Burn Belly Fat

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A dull or boring lifestyle, lack of exercise, high-stress levels, and unhealthy eating habits are some of the reasons that many people are suffering from a potbelly. The larger your stomach gets, the more the risk levels will be. There are no alternatives or easy methods to get rid of belly fat, however, with the right diet and healthy lifestyle can help you reduce abdominal fat to some extent. If you are not a gym person, then try yoga as it is the most appropriate option and it does not just help you reduce your belly fat but also rejuvenate body and mind. Here you can find some of the best yoga asanas to burn belly fat.


Tadasana is a warm-up pose and it is also called as a mountain pose. This posture improves blood circulation in your body and facilitates your body to get set for other postures.

Here is how you can do this asana:

  • Spread heals slightly and stands with your feet
  • Put your hands front and close your palms and place to close to each other. Take a breath and expand your spin. Lift your folded hands above your head and expand them as much as you can.
  • Lift your ankles when you are stretching and try to stand on your toes. Look up the ceiling and do the breathing exercises. Continue this pose for 20 to 30 seconds and breathe in and breathe out slowly calm down and bring your feet back to the floor.
  • Repeat the posture around ten times and increase it slowly.


Caution: The individuals who are suffering from insomnia, low blood pressure, and headache should not perform Tadasana.


This posture is also called as seated forward bend and this pose arouse the core of the solar plexus. The posture not only performs as a belly toning pose, however, but the forward bend provides an incredible stretch level to the hamstring, hips, and things.

Here is how you can do this asana:

  • Sit on the floor and place your legs in front
  • Put your spine straight, breathe in and expand your hands and put them above your head without bending the elbows.
  • Now, come forward slowly, and try to touch the toes, and if you can do that, then hold and pull them backward till you feel the stretch on your hamstrings. Now, take a deep breath and hold your stomach and try to get the positions for 60 to 90seconds.
  • Repeat the asana around ten times in the starting, and then slowly increase to twenty-five or more ties.

Caution: This asana is not for the people suffering from slip disc, abdominal surgery, diarrhea, and asthma.



The above asanas help you reduce your belly fat. The Cobra pose and the side plank pose are some of the Yoga to burn the belly fat. You should have a workout plan so that it can help you reduce your belly fat and helps you look flat and good. In Yoga, you don’t need any special tools; all that you need is the yoga mat. However, you should know that all exercises are not perfect for everyone, so you should consider your medical and physical state.

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