June 14, 2021

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Tips on How to Clean Yoga Mat

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Cleaning a Yoga Mat regularly is very important because while practicing yoga you may sweat a lot and you might have embarked several adventures on your yoga mat. At some point, your yoga mat needs a thorough cleaning that can help you increase your yoga experience. How to clean the Yoga Mat? The foremost thing that one should do is read the directions and instruction on the label placed on your mat. Why it is important to read the directions is because some yoga mat materials contain particular cleaning needs. Also, it is important to observe the direction on the label of your selected cleaning product, before using the product make sure to test on a small part first. If you clean your yoga after every use, then it will stay fresh and clean for longer and you can able be able to keep your yoga mat for a long period. Here you can some tips on how to clean a yoga mat.

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How to clean a yoga mat?

The first step is, take your yoga mat outside and pour water with a hose, and apply a mild detergent powder or soap and clean it with a sponge. Now, after putting soap, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry in the air. The yoga mat can take one day max to dry completely, so clean the mat accordingly or have a spare mat for an emergency.

Put it in the Bathtub:

During winter days or too cool weather outside and hosing is not possible, then put yoga mat in a tub and wash it. Soak it with warm water and mild soap or detergent powder, and let it be there in the water for a few minutes. When you soak your mat in the detergent water, it will dislodge oils, dirt, and odors. Hypoallergenic laundry powder or dish soap is the best options for mild cleaning. Do not put a lot of detergent in the warm water because too much detergent soap can make your mat smooth and it gets difficult to do asanas on the mat.

Take one tablespoon of laundry detergent for one gallon of warm water. According to some sources, you can use vinegar to wash your mat, but you should know that this can give unlikable scent on the surface of your yoga mat that can give you less enjoyable practicing sessions. After washing the mat, you can hang it on shower railing or dry it on a drying rack.

Make Your Own Cleaning Spray:

You can as well try to make your own cleaning spray if you do not want to use detergent powder or soap. With white vinegar and water (take equal parts) or put a couple of tea tree oil drops in the spray bottle. Tree oil and vinegar contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, so when you spray this liquid on your yoga mat it will remove dirt and bacteria from your mat. Just spray the liquid on the mat and wipe it with a paper towel or soft cloth. You can as well bring this solution to your class and clean it immediately after every use.

Are yoga mats machine washable?

Well, the answer depends on the material type of your yoga mat. Some of these yoga mats are not designed for machine washable and they cannot withstand the stir of the washing machine. Some mat companies mention that do not put in the washing machine, and some do not mention anything. However, the best advice is, do not put the yoga mat in the washing machine as it can shred, tear, or get damaged with a hard stir.


Now it is clear How to keep Yoga Mat Clean, and it is important to keep it clean as it makes you feel like a security blanket and helps you to you postures perfectly. So, it is advisable to wipe it with antibacterial solution after every use and take care of it by washing in mild detergent powder or with your own solution.

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