April 14, 2021

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What is Hot Yoga and is it good for you?

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What is Hot Yoga

What is Hot Yoga? It is a modern yoga that allows you to perform under humid and hot conditions, and ensuing significant sweating. Some of these Hot Yoga exercises look to replicate the humidity and heat of India, where Yoga initiated. Hot Yoga is a term that explains various types of style of yoga with one standard element. The yoga is practiced in heated rooms with temperatures between 85 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  Also, the hot yoga classes are conducted in a room with a high humidity level.

The hot yoga purpose is to persuade sweating that is assumed to detoxify the impurities in the body, and also it improves flexibility, enhances overall fitness, increases stamina, relieves stress, burns calories, and increases blood circulation.

What is Hot Yoga? The artificial humidity and heat makes the body removes toxins through commencing of the lymphatic system and enhances blood circulation that promotes metabolic progression of glands and organs. Also, while doing the intense activity in the heat, the heart rate will improve that can further it improves metabolism and cardiovascular activity and it also helps you lose weight. Can you lose weight by Hot Yoga? The answer is yes as it improves your metabolism and helps you lose weight naturally.

Performing Yoga in hot conditions can also promote relaxation, improve the immune system, and takes care of symptoms of chronic diseases like carpal tunnel, chronic pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  Besides, the artificial heat produces an environment where you will learn to yield and let go of the attachment to worldly distraction. The main aim of Yoga is to make your turn internal and develop the practice of alertness.

Benefits and concerns of Sweating in Hot Yoga

Many people presume that with hot yoga they can burn all the calories that they consumed last night, but, the fact is only physical exercise can help you burn some calories that you have consumed.  However, even though the temperature rose in a Hot Yoga session, it does not mean that you will burn extra fat.

Interestingly, several benefits connected with hot yoga are just as expected to be produced in traditional yoga practice. The scientific studies have shown the benefits of conventional yoga reduced cortisol a stress hormone levels, chronic pain, and blood pressure, and improvement in balance, flexibility, cardio, strength, stamina, and on the whole emotional well-being.  However, there are some concerns about the hot yoga where the artificial heat is used to remove the toxins in the body may also function to cover injuries, thus it gives false sense to individuals of enhancing flexibility and capacity to go deeper into a yoga pose. Also, a room heated to 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity can make symptoms worse for individuals’ suffering from chronic health issues like low blood pressure and diabetes.


Is Hot yoga good for you? Overall research recommends that hot yoga is perhaps safe for most individuals and it might help them improve strength, balance, and other health conditions. But, there are also risks involved, especially for individuals with specific health conditions.  Therefore, the 2015 Australian researchers and other studies have suggested that Hot Yoga might be good for the heart, yet it is advisable to consult your doctor before practicing any yoga poses.

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